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Fake Torrevieja Gas Man Thief Arrested in Madrid



The National Police arrested a man in Madrid for allegedly stealing jewellery from homes located in different parts of Spain, including Torrevieja, Getafe (Madrid), Cuenca and Valladolid, whilst posing as a technician for the home care service for elderly people, or a gas inspector, in order to gain entry.

The investigation began last October by relating several complaints about robberies in which the same procedure had been used, which led the agents to suspect that it could be the same person.

First, he contacted his potential victims by telephone – always elderly – and made an appointment with them to check for alleged technical anomalies in the operation of the home assistance service or the gas supply.

He gained their trust until they allowed him to enter their home and he conducted a survey about the operation of the assistance devices.

Then he told them that metal objects, such as jewellery and cash, caused interference in the devices, so he asked them to hand them over to him for various tests.

At times, he required them to remain still in the living room with their feet on some newspapers and to remove all jewellery to avoid interruptions in the service.

Meanwhile, as investigators have determined, he searched the home and seized any valuables he found.

As the investigations advanced, the agents carried out a device to identify and locate the suspect, who changed his address frequently.

It was at the beginning of April when he was arrested in Madrid as the alleged perpetrator of five crimes of theft and one of robbery with violence.

In addition, the man, 28 years old and of Spanish nationality, has ten legal claims for similar acts committed in different parts of the country.



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