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Spain Today – Wednesday 1 May 2024



Wednesday is a national holiday in Spain, a red day, celebrating the workers.

It is not a day exclusive to Spain however, as the origin of Worker’s Day dates back to 1886, when thousands of workers in Chicago, United States, began a general strike on May 1 to demand the reduction of the working day to 8 hours. The protest, unfortunately, was violently repressed by the police and caused several deaths and injuries among protesters. Four union leaders were sentenced to hanging in what is known as the Chicago Martyrs case.

Three years later, in 1889, the organisation of socialist parties and unions known as the Second International proclaimed May 1 as International Workers’ Day in tribute to the Chicago Martyrs and in support of workers’ demands.

Since then, May 1 has become an emblematic date for the global labour movement, which uses the occasion to celebrate its achievements and to demand new rights and social improvements.

In the UK, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will return to PMQs, the day before the local elections.

The BBC faces an employment tribunal over age and sex discrimination.

In the crime world, two high profile cases will be in the spotlight, the resumption of the Constance Marten and Mark Gordon trial, and the sentencing of a Met police officer found guilty of multiple rapes.

The special traffic operation continues through the weekend in Castilla la Mancha, Madrid and Valencia in connection with the Labour Day holiday on Wednesday.

Spain Today – Wednesday 1 May 2024

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Traffic and Travel

The roads will be busier than normal due to the holidays this week, Wednesday being a national holiday, and Thursday a significant day for Madrid. A special traffic operation will take place in various areas from Tuesday and through the weekend.

Remember to check the traffic and weather conditions before you set off, and plan your journey in advance.

For information and updates about driving in Spain, visit

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