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Rojales, Torrevieja and Pilar Amongst Lowest for Higher Education Qualifications



The number of Spaniards with have completed higher education are double those with primary education or none. Specifically, 32.2% of people aged 15 and over had higher education in 2022, compared to 16% who had only completed primary school or lower. This is revealed in the latest study by the Institute of National Statistics (INE), which shows the educational levels in the different municipalities of Spain.

According to INE data, if only the population between 25 and 64 years old is taken into account, 41% had higher education. Something in which women surpass men: 45% compared to 37%, respectively.

As for those under 30 years of age, the situation is repeated. Thus, 57.2% of those between 25 and 29 years old had higher education, compared to 43.3% of men.

By provinces, those with the highest percentage of population with higher education in 2022 were Guipúzcoa (43.1%), Vizcaya (41.7%) and Madrid (41.1%). On the contrary, Cuenca (22.7%), Almería (23%) and Toledo (23.7%) presented the lowest percentages.

As for Rojales, the local municipality with the lowest percentage, they came in at just 7.6%, and the second lowest in the Alicante province was Torrevieja, with 14.5%, slightly ahead of Pilar de la Horadada with 15.1%. There are no Alicante municipalities in the top 20, as opposed to the three in the bottom 20.

Regarding foreign nationalities, the INE details the percentage of foreigners with higher education, among the main countries of birth, those born in Venezuela (50.2%), France (43.8%) and Argentina (42.3%) presented the highest population data with higher education. On the contrary, those born in Morocco (8.7%), Romania (12.8%) and the Dominican Republic (15.9%) registered the lowest percentages.



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