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Orihuela Resurrects Business Park Plan



Orihuela Council has announced that it has taken a “decisive step” towards the materialisation of the Orihuela Business and Industrial Park, a new zone located near to the A-7 motorway in an area where numerous such areas already exist, by putting out to tender the studies necessary for the continuity of the environmental processing of the Special Plan.

The contract has an execution period of four months and a budget of 96,800 euro, IVA included, be<ring in mind that budget is for the study only, not for the work involved in creating the zone.

These studies, the Council emphasises, are essential to advance the strategic planning of the Business Park. The main objective is to promote a gradual transformation of the municipality’s growth pattern, promoting a more diversified and sustainable economy.

The Councillor for Urban Planning and Industry, Matías Ruiz, explained that “the environmental processing has been rigorous, including interviews with the relevant administrations and a public participation phase.” In addition, consultations have been made with companies providing basic services, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated planning of the project.

The councillor explained, the City Council has already started preliminary meetings with the owners of the land, seeking close collaboration in the development of the project. “The constitution of an Urban Interest Group is proposed, in which all the owners will participate together with the City Council, guaranteeing inclusive and transparent management of the Business Park.”

The Orihuela City Council has also opened an information channel for companies interested in establishing themselves in the future Business Park. These companies will be able to join the project and actively participate in all related efforts, staying informed about its evolution and contributing to its success.

The impetus for this project dates back to 2021, when the then mayor Emilio Bascuñana presented the Draft of the Special Plan to the former councillor of the Generalitat Valenciana, Rafael Climent. However, the studies necessary to prepare the plan were put on hold until September 2023, when the new government team resumed the necessary actions.



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