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Cava producer reaches agreement with unions



Freixente and unions have reached an agreement that will minimise the impact and improve the conditions of application of emergency measures to lay off staff for productive reasons presented by the company, after the Administration denied their request due to force majeure, citing the drought situation in Spain.

“This agreement has been possible thanks to the work and negotiating effort of CCOO, which has 85% of the representation in the Freixenet Group and has supervised this negotiation,” said CCOO of Indústria de Catalunya, which has positively valued the agreement.

On the one hand, financial compensation has been agreed for people who enter the temporary redundancy file up to an average of 95% of the real salary. In the case of people over 55 years of age, the company will take care of the unemployment incurred in the event of sick leave later.

People who are in a situation of partial retirement and those who have a reduction in working hours due to legal guardianship will be left out of the file. The recovered vacations and holidays or the three extraordinary payments will not be affected by the process.

Once the specific situation of Freixenet has been addressed, CCOO affirms that it will continue working to address the structural problems of the cava sector to guarantee the future of the activity and employment. CCOO continues to insist on the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Climate Action of the Generalitat to urge the Cava Regulatory Council to work together with all the agents that make up the sector to take the necessary measures to make the regulatory framework for the production more flexible of cava, given the pre-emergency situation due to drought in which the country finds itself.

“In this scenario, it is crucial to adjust the regulations for the production of cava and provide it with the flexibility that other denominations of origin in the country and internationally have to alleviate this serious situation, guaranteeing employment and the quality of the product. This is essential to preserve the future of the sector. This is a change that should be applied in exceptional situations like the current one,” the union said.

Likewise, CCOO demands from the Cava Regulatory Council and the Administrations that the social representation of workers be present on the council and in any sectoral table that is established in which the present and future of the cava sector is discussed.

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