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N-332 Part-Widening Project to be Tendered in 2025



Now that most of the political fighting has died down, almost a year after the elections, the Spanish Government are able to get on with their work, and one project that is set to be a reality soon is the widening of the N-332 road as it passes through Torrevieja.

According to the Minister for Transport, Óscar Puente, the initial project will be put to tender in 2025, and will require various reports to be produced, in a timely manner, which was one of the causes of failure when the rest of the road surrounding Torrevieja was widened originally.

At this time, according to Puente, his area is simultaneously processing the drafting of the project and the environmental impact declaration. In this sense, he explained that, according to what he was told by Carreteras, the road management authority, it will be made public “shortly.” “The intention is that the project is definitively approved this year and we put it out to tender in 2025. That is the commitment and, since I am going to fulfil what I say, count on it.”

The minister elaborated further and even stated that, from Carreteras, “there are no problems with the declaration and that the project looks good.” The last news that was available about this historical claim of the people of Torrevieja was that the Ministry for the Ecological Transition had initiated procedures to obtain this environmental impact declaration.

The area under study, however, does not include the entire part pending widening, the complete 8 kilometre stretch, but only that between the link of N-332 with the CV-95 at the hospital (also set for a widening project) and the link again of the national highway with the CV-905 near the Park of Nations, although this is the worst part of the stretch of the notorious road.

Thus, the section between the shopping centre area and Alto de la Casilla, both towards La Mata and Guardamar in the north (passing Quironsalud Hospital), and the brief south section from the hospital turnoff towards the Orihuela Costa, would still be a single lane in each direction.

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