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Baleària schedules 27 daily connections for Operation Crossing the Strait 2024



The Baleària shipping company has scheduled 27 daily rotations, with a wide range of schedules, to meet the high traffic demand on the routes of Operation Crossing the Strait (OPE) to Tangier, Nador (Morocco), Ceuta and Melilla. Thus, the company will allocate 10 ships (eight ferries and two high-speed vessels), which represents almost a third of its fleet, to national and international routes that connect North Africa and the peninsula.

To provide more personalised attention, Baleària has on-board services adapted to the needs of Moroccan passengers. In this sense, the ships that operate on these routes have Arabic and French-speaking passenger assistants, the bars and restaurants offer halal food, and there are rooms dedicated to prayer during the journey. In addition, the company has telephone service in Arabic to resolve queries, and has 21 exclusive points of sale along the roads in Morocco and Spain.

Baleària has concentrated its offer on three ships and has increased its activity to a minimum of twelve daily departures: eight ferry connections and four by boat high speed, which can be increased on days of greatest passenger demand. Departures take place practically 24 hours a day.

Baleària is once again doubling its usual services on this route to reinforce the offer of seats with a second ferry, with which it will provide two daily services, in addition to a third on Fridays and Sundays. Passengers will be able to travel by ferry  during the day with departures from Almería at 9am, 2pm or 3pm depending on the day of the week, or with the  night ferry service  scheduled for each day.

Likewise, the shipping company complements its commercial offer with 12 daily connections on the lines with Ceuta and Melilla:

Baleària makes ten daily departures between Algeciras and Ceuta, four by ferry and six by high-speed boat. In addition, on days of greatest demand there can be up to 12 daily connections.

The shipping company maintains its two daily connections to the Melilla port with two ships, one with daily departure from Málaga and another from Motril (Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays) and from Almería (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday). It is worth highlighting on the Malaga-Melilla route the presence of the Rusadir, an   electric-powered and natural gas cruise ferry that connects the Malaga town with the Melilla port on a daily basis.



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