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Spain Today – Friday 17 May 2024



Overall reservoir capacity now at 66 percent, a tough year for Spanish vet accidents, and Spain once again celebrates International Museum Day.

There are quite a few local holidays today, most notably in Lugo, Pontevedra, and A Coruña.

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Spanish News Headlines

According to the latest weekly Hydrological Bulletin, the Spanish hydraulic reserve stands at 66.3% of its total capacity (56,039 hm³), compared to 48.2% the previous year and 65.3% of the average for the last decade.

The reservoirs store 37,153 hm³ of water, increasing by 4 hm³ in the last week.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Economy has published the latest data on work accidents in Spain, relating to the period of January-March 2024, and for this quarter one sector is having a particularly bleak time, those working in veterinary activities.

According to the statistics, the number of accidents with sick leave in the sector has reached 134, of which 114 have been during the day and 20 on the way to the workplace.

These figures are higher than those registered in the same period in 2023, when the total number of accidents amounted to 121, with 101 registered during the day and the same number enroute.

The state museums of the Ministry of Culture join the celebration of International Museum Day and the European Night of Museums on Saturday, under the motto ‘Museums for education and research’.

On the occasion of this anniversary, created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), on Saturday, May 18, entry to the 16 state museums of the Ministry of Culture will be free.

Also on May 18, on the occasion of the 20th European Night of Museums, eleven of the state museums will open their doors free of charge during extraordinary hours at night.

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Business, Markets and Statistics

Tourism figures are released in Spain on Friday, paying attention to tourist apartments, which will no doubt fuel the arguments raging in some areas where residents and locals are continually being forced out to make way for more lucrative tourist properties.

Friday also sees domestic violence figures released in Spain.

To end the week, the focus of investors will be on the final data for April on the inflation rate in the Eurozone.

Results from Merlin Properties and Iberdrola.

Traffic and Travel

Across Europe there will be a special traffic police focus on trucks and buses all week.

Friday marks the starts of a special operation around Galicia.

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