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Pressure Mounting to Move the Torrevieja May Fair to a Suitable Location



Having this year celebrated the Torrevieja May Fair with the smallest number of booths ever, the socialist municipal group of Torrevieja will present a motion urging the PP to move the Sevillanas fair to a more suitable location, as was called for from the start of this relocation period, namely the Antonio Soria Park.

The socialists have echoed the complaints of neighbours and some of the participants, who do not consider the current location, the Parque de la Estación, as the ideal one for the event, relocated due to the ongoing work at the harbour in the town.

Residents harshly criticise the noise until late on weekdays. For their part, the participants complain about the lack of space and that there are the same facilities in the Parque de la Estación as in the Antonio Soria.

In the Motion, the socialists state that what was conceived as a temporary location solution, which is why it was baptised “Tribute to the Sevillanas”, has already been in existence for two editions and no solutions have been proposed for the coming year.

There have been complaints such as the small dimensions, no space for “tablaos”, or that the stage is installed at ground level, which has prevented the public from enjoying what has been performed. It has always been one of the strong points of the May Fair; the performances of the dance academies. For their part, numerous neighbours have addressed the municipal group through social networks to express their discomfort with the location of the Sevillanas venue and the music until the early hours of the morning.

In the words of the spokesperson, Bárbara Soler, “these complaints must be taken very seriously to recover the greatness of the Sevillanas fair festival and the solution that everyone seems to agree with is the transfer to the Antonio Soria Park. Otherwise, our May Fair will end up disappearing. Let’s hope this is not the intention.”

The socialist municipal group rejects the arguments put forward by the government team to reject this location, such as that there are no adequate connections for the supply of water and electricity, since the current location in Parque de la Estación has less infrastructure and, In any case, the same logistics services used in this park can be put into operation in the Antonio Soria Park.

It should also be noted that no other event which has taken place at the Antonio Soria Park has had the same problems, from small paella tasting events, to large concerts and gatherings, everything has been set up without incident for all events, ridiculing the claims for the May Fair.

Precisely, the Antonio Soria Park was conceived with that purpose, thus being the ideal place for all citizens to show off and enjoy the Sevillanas fair. Not so the Station Park, which, in addition, requires adaptation to host this event that means it will be closed for several weeks.

To repeat this festival one more year in a location that does not suit its real needs would be to belittle the will and work of all the people who have made it possible for the May Fair to remain alive despite the obstacles.

For all these reasons, the socialist municipal group raises its motion to the plenary session urging that the files and actions that are necessary to provide the infrastructure due to Antonio Soria Park be initiated now, with the aim of the next Fair being held in appropriate place.



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