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More Sonic Booms Possible



Remember a few weeks ago when loud bangs startled a lot of people, which turned out to be sonic booms from aircraft on exercises over Spain? Well, that military exercise resumes today, so there could be more sonic booms possible. There are also other issues that could affect flights between the UK and Spain all this week.

Industrial action by Air Traffic Controllers could have an impact on flights to and from Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez airport all of this week, although minimum service requirements dictate that disruption should be minimal, unless something else causes additional impacts.

Alicante airport also has overnight runway closures scheduled, but the activity should not affect flights unless there are delays.

A military operation is set to take place in the south of France and includes missile firing over the Bay of Biscay.

Military operation DURANDAL 2024 will take place between now and the 14 June, but commercial flight impact is set to effect three days during the period.

Information on the first date for the live firing exercise has now been published, and it is scheduled for Wednesday 22 May 2024.

Information on the remaining two dates have not yet been published, other than they will be on weekdays.

Flights between the UK and Spain may be affected by areas over the Bay of Biscay, with some facing diversion over land, where capacity is already high, but additional flow measures may be implemented.

It is anticipated that there will be considerable delays on Tuesday on a number of flight routes, particularly in the south and towards the east of Europe.

Air Traffic Control equipment calibration on Gran Canaria may result in morning delays.  

The DIFAS Military Exercise resumes in Spain from 21 to 25th of May 2024. You might remember, in previous exercises, it has resulted in sonic booms being heard and scaring some people, so be prepared once again for the same. The exercise is not expected to affect commercial traffic but be aware if you look to the sky that you might see more activity than usual.



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