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FREE Breakfasts in Elche (Well, paid for by you!)



We should, no must, spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves, and do our bit to help those in need where we can, that is a credible quality to add to anyone’s life goals, and if you live in Elche, then you are doing your bit already to feed those in need, as a salary of 65,000 euro, or 1,250 per week, just doesn’t go far enough these days. Moreover, those on 50,000 euro, just short of a grand a week, must be feeling the pinch even more, and those PP and VOX politicians no doubt thank you for paying for their breakfasts during their weekly meetings, to the tune, so far, of around 4,000 euro.

Those workers on a minimum wage, full-time contract will be taking home around 300 euro per week, from which they have to buy their own breakfasts.

Needless to say, those pesky socialists are criticising feeding the needy in this way, pointing out that at least since July the government team has spent an average of more than 380 euro per month on breakfasts at their coordination meetings.

The PSOE considers it unethical. “Mr. Ruz, pay for the breakfasts, this is no one’s palace,” says spokesperson Héctor Díez,

According to the socialists, the PP and Vox councillors, as well as advisors, in total, about twenty people on average, have breakfast every Monday at the town hall at the expense of the public treasury. Something that seems out of place, “and that seems more typical of a continental hotel breakfast,” explains Díez, specifying that 3-4 litre jugs of coffee, milk, hot water, five types of infusion, all kinds of juices, smoothies, sweet and savoury pastries. “Six euro per head,” he explains. Aware that these are small figures, the spokesperson relies more on the attitude in his complaint. The figure has ranged from 121 euro in August (just one day) to 484 euro in months such as September, November, February, and March.

“A figure that could well be the price of the rent or part of it, a mortgage, a nursery school, the payment of the IBI or energy expenses,” highlights Díez. Furthermore, he explains that at the same time, in March, since billings of this type have a limit (5,000 plus IVA) for the same supplier, they were going to look for a smaller contract, asking for three quotes, “and that coincidentally the cafeteria was chosen who was serving these snacks,” he indicates, with a cost of 6,050 euro.

However, after 15 days, at the end of March, the Department of Institutional Relations withdrew from the minor contract, “perhaps they had remorse and reconsidered the issue,” explains Díez, in order to now promote a tender for this service during four years. But adding the catering service for traditional toasts with the media, with the corporation at the end of the year, with the Coming of the Virgin, municipal staff, etc. Something that would have been done to “disguise”, the councillor argues, and continue covering these work breakfasts.

Of course, what these socialists ignore is that the money is invested in the little people anyway, as someone has to serve the breakfast to the masters, and so everyone benefits, right? You are now free to use that reasoning in negotiating free breakfasts from your employer. In fact, top tip, start your negotiations with breakfast and lunch, then you can settled for the compromise of what you actually wanted.



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