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Spain Today – Wednesday 22 May 2024



First quarter Spanish exports reach second best figure in history, Market Commission workers to protest for salary improvements, and countrywide rainfall still inconsistent.

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Spanish News Headlines

In the first quarter of 2024, Spanish exports of goods reached 93,4 billion euro, being the second highest value in the historical series for this period. For its part, imports reached 101,5 billion euro, the third highest value in the entire series, as shown in the latest Monthly Foreign Trade Report of the Secretary of State for Commerce with data on declared trade from Customs.

Despite the complex international context and after the historic export figure that was reached in the first quarter of 2023, the Spanish foreign sector continues to show great competitiveness and robustness at the beginning of 2024. Eliminating the base effect of the increase in vaccines against COVID-19 and the calendar effect, exports decreased slightly in March by 5.6% year-on-year.

The CSIF union has called the staff of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to a rally in front of the Ministry of Finance to demand salary and labour improvements this afternoon.

During the demonstration, which will take place on calle Alcalá in Madrid, the workers’ representatives will demand that the negotiation of a collective agreement for the CNMV, which is currently lacking, be unblocked.

The national average value of accumulated rainfall from the beginning of the hydrological year (October 1, 2023) until May 14 is estimated at 521 l/m 2, which represents around 6% more than the normal value corresponding to said period (492 l/m 2).

The quantities exceed normal values ​​in the western and interior half of the Peninsula, in the eastern part of the Basque Country, in Navarra, in the western half of the Pyrenees and in the north of Aragon.

On the other hand, they are below their normal values ​​in the eastern third, as well as in Asturias, Cantabria and part of Andalusia. They are especially low in a strip in the eastern peninsula from Almería to the Ebro delta and in the archipelagos.

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Business, Markets and Statistics

A couple of local holidays on Wednesday in Spain, namely in areas of Pontevedra and Ourense.

Nationally, we will have figures on birthrates in Spain for March.

On Wednesday, business eyes will be on the United Kingdom, where several references will be announced, among which the CPI and the PPI for April stand out.

Also in the UK, Paula Vennells gives evidence at Horizon Inquiry, and the Public Sector finances report is published, as will UK house price index and private rental prices.

Coca Cola Europe hold a meeting to discuss their plans, and we will have results from Marks & Spencer in the UK, as well as Tarhet Corp and NVIDIA.

Traffic and Travel

Industrial action by Air Traffic Controllers could have an impact on flights to and from Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez airport all of this week, although minimum service requirements dictate that disruption should be minimal, unless something else causes additional impacts.

Alicante airport also has overnight runway closures scheduled, but the activity should not affect flights unless there are delays.

A military operation is set to take place in the south of France and includes missile firing over the Bay of Biscay.

Military operation DURANDAL 2024 will take place between now and the 14 June, but commercial flight impact is set to effect three days during the period.

Information on the first date for the live firing exercise has now been published, and it is scheduled for Wednesday 22 May 2024.

Information on the remaining two dates have not yet been published, other than they will be on weekdays.

Flights between the UK and Spain may be affected by areas over the Bay of Biscay, with some facing diversion over land, where capacity is already high, but additional flow measures may be implemented.

The DIFAS Military Exercise resumes in Spain from 21 to 25th of May 2024. You might remember, in previous exercises, it has resulted in sonic booms being heard and scaring some people, so be prepared once again for the same. The exercise is not expected to affect commercial traffic but be aware if you look to the sky that you might see more activity than usual.

Jose Carreras/ Wibbly Wobbly Road in Torrevieja Update …

As of Tuesday, the road is now partially open in the direction FROM the Auditorium and schools area to Hiperber, but a new road has been built to connect a diversion route on the other side of Jardin del Mar to the CV-905.

However, the route FROM Hiperber is now closed off.

You can go the new diversion route from Jardin del Mar, but getting to that part is trickier in that direction, so it might be better to go over the Habaneras road bridge.

The road is set to reopen completely in about 2 weeks. We will see!!!

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