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Compromís Denounces Regional Government Cuts to Services on Anniversary



Several representatives of Compromís have presented ‘Let’s face the government of shame’, actions to denounce, throughout the Valencia region on Tuesday the breaches, cuts and censorship of the PP and VOX regional government of Carlos Mazón, highlighting cuts in basic public services such as education, health and social services.

The representatives of Compromís recalled that Tuesday “marks one year since the elections and these are diversified actions that put black on white in the chaotic and ineffective management of the regional government of PP and Vox”.

According to trustee Joan Baldoví, “our assessment is that PP and Vox have applied a scandalous return to the past: of corruption, cuts and injustice. A year has passed and the qualifier is that this supposed government of change is the government of shame.”

The effects of the commercialisation of education policies have been detailed, such as the suspension of the Edificant program; the elimination of 206 public school classrooms; the risk of 5,000 teachers losing their jobs; the reduction of language groups and teachers in the EOIs; or the impediment to learning in Valencian with the educational confrontation law.

The degradation in health matters has also been mentioned, doing business with the health of Valencians, privatising Elx-Crevillent, increasing waiting lists and mistreating health personnel.

With regard to social policies, the suspension of infrastructure works in many towns, which will not be carried out, has been recalled and the precarity in the centres with non-payments of three and four months has been condemned.

It has also pointed to the decline in equality, censorship in culture, the abandonment of productive sectors, the denial of climate change and the elimination of controls to avoid corruption and opacity.

In the words of Vicent Marzà, candidate for the European elections, “this government of shame has shown in just one year that it is counterproductive for Valencians. That’s why we face him and next June 9 we will take the first step to get him out. PP and Vox have put the Valencian Country on the international map of shame”.

Around a hundred actions in towns and cities throughout the Valencian Country

According to deputy Paula Espinosa, “at Compromís we are characterised by proximity and being at street level in every corner where cuts, censorship and opacities are being committed by the government of shame. That is why the actions we will carry out tomorrow are determined by the territorialisation and the presence spread throughout our geography”.

The municipal groups, provincial deputies and regional deputies of Compromís will be in towns and cities tomorrow denouncing “the disorganisation of regional management transferred to each specific municipal reality.”

There will be concentrations of our positions in the main cities: Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Elche. Also in county capitals and many towns. In each place, the specific cases of cuts, censorship and specific management chaos of the government of shame, the government of Mazón, will be reported.

Tomorrow, the web space ‘Plantem cara al governo de la vergonya’ will also be enabled, where citizens will be able to consult the black spots of cuts, censorship, inefficiency and chaos from population to population. “It will be a living map, where we will introduce new black points”, said Espinosa.

In this line, the spokeswoman for Compromís a Diputació de Valencia, Dolors Gimeno, “the cuts of the government of shame are not limited to the Generalitat, but are extended to the Diputaciós with ultra-conservative budgets that cut investments in small towns that they are already suffering the effects of a government that wants to return to besamanis and political sectarianism. Regions such as La Safor, the Vall d’Albaida, the Plana d’Utiel-Requena, the Camp de Morvedre, see how practically 50% of their towns will receive less money for investments than with the Valencianist and left-wing governments, including the orchards and the city of Valencia itself, will receive less money with the PP government. To top it all off, they charge all the environmental aid to please their Vox denialist partners.”

“And this, promoted by the Council with a new law of commonwealths that burdens the structures at county level and local autonomy to cut powers in the counties and continue to control from the councils the distribution of funds”, highlighted Dolors.

Deputy in Les Corts, Isaura Navarro, pointed out that “PP and Vox have plunged us into a democratic emergency situation. That is why tomorrow we will also face the corruption and opacity of the PP and Vox”.



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