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Spain Today – Monday 27 May 2024



Two fake dentists who ran an illegal clinic arrested, more than 800 kilos of illegally caught elvers seized, and man facing prison for retrieving ball.

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Spanish News Headlines

The Guardia Civil, within the framework of the “OFICTUS” operation, has arrested two people in the town of Roquetas de Mar (Almería) for professional intrusion and injuries. The detainees worked and ran a supposed dental clinic that they had set up in a room of a house, without having the necessary authorisations and licences, nor the qualifications required for the development of said activity.

The operation began in November following a complaint filed by the College of Dentists of Almería in which a person, a resident of Roquetas de Mar (Almería), was practicing as a dentist without being registered in any of the Colleges of Dentists of the national territory.

The Guardia Civil, in collaboration with the Central Criminal Investigation Unit (UCIC) of the Portuguese Maritime Police, has dismantled an important international criminal organisation within the framework of Operation Olissipo, dedicated to elver trafficking between both countries. Elvers are the offspring of eels, which make long migrations from European rivers to spawn in the sea.

The operation has been carried out over two years and has resulted in the arrest/investigation of 21 people of various nationalities and the seizure of about 420 kg of elvers in air transport and 293 kg in land transport, which adds up to a total of more than 800 kg of live elvers seized within the framework of this investigation.

A 50-year-ol man stands trial in Valencia from today, facing a prison sentence, for allegedly, “entering a neighbour’s house, in the town of Paterna, to recover a ball belonging to his children that had fallen in the patio of the house”.

The Prosecutor’s Office describes the facts as “constituting a crime of trespass” and requests a sentence of nine months in prison. According to the prosecution’s conclusions, the defendant rang the bell to have the ball returned to him but received no response. Then, after seeing the neighbours leaving the house, the accused jumped over the fence “without the owners’ consent” to recover the ball.

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Business, Markets and Statistics

In Spain, mortgage figures will dominate the financial headlines, specifically for March. Energy and consumption figures for 2022 will also have their final publication.

The week will begin in the Eurozone with the release of Germany’s May Ifo Business Confidence Survey. In 2024, business sentiment has been gaining traction as German economic activity has shown signs of improvement, so the Ifo index is expected to exceed the level of 90 points, something that has not happened since May 2023.

The ECB publishes its Research Bulletin, and the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council will take place, which will discuss the current crisis situation in the agricultural sector.

The UK and US stock markets will remain closed on Monday for a holiday.

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