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55 people dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis arrested



The Guardia Civil, within the framework of operation MURABE, arrested 55 members of an organisation dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis in Madrid, Toledo and Guadalajara.

In the operation, 15,445 cannabis sativa plants in an advanced state of development, 70 kilograms of dry buds, six short weapons, three long weapons, abundant cartridges of different calibres, nine knives, two taser guns, two high-end vehicles were seized, along with 11,000 euro in cash.

The operation began in February of last year, following an intervention in marijuana plantations carried out in the town of Layos (Toledo). As a result of this intervention, the Guardia Civil has carried out an operation with 36 searches in different locations in Madrid, Toledo and Guadalajara, to locate and arrest all the members of the organisation dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis.

The detainees are charged with the crimes of belonging to a criminal organisation, the crime of drug trafficking with cultivation or processing, illicit possession of weapons and fraud of electricity.

The members of the criminal group used a common modus operandi, consisting of high-yield indoor cultivation of cannabis sativa. These plantations were installed both in their own homes and in other properties rented for the same purpose.

The laboratories were highly specialised and used high security measures to avoid detection by police forces. Likewise, they used sophisticated methods to go unnoticed in terms of electricity consumption, noise, or odours.



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