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Spain Today – Tuesday 4 June 2024



Man arrested for 34 phone thefts at Primavera Sound festival, rain is making a slight comeback in Spain, and community president facing prison.

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Spanish News Headlines

The Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, arrested a 39-year-old man at the Primavera Sound festival for allegedly stealing 34 mobile phones in one night.

Of the 34 phones allegedly stolen, agents have returned 12 to their owners and are trying to locate the rest of the victims. The recovered and unreturned phones are located at the Sant Martí police station, at number 30 calle Bolívia in Barcelona.

Although many areas saw significant rainfall this weekend, we will have to wait for the next update to see how that impacts the overall situation, but the national average value of accumulated rainfall from the beginning of the hydrological year (October 1, 2023) until May 28 is estimated at 536 l/m 2, which represents around 4% more than the normal value corresponding to said period (516 l/m 2 ).

Precipitation exceeds normal values ​​in the western and interior half of the peninsula, in the Basque Country and Navarra and in the western half of the Pyrenees along with northern Aragon.

The Provincial Court of A Coruña will hold a trial from Tuesday for the crime of misappropriation, or alternatively of unfair administration, and for which a property manager from the community of neighbours of the property where she resided in Culleredo (A Coruña) faces prison.

In total, the Prosecutor points to a debt with the community of 9,200 euro, an amount that he demands be paid, in addition to requesting a sentence of two years and three months in prison.

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Business, Markets and Statistics

On Tuesday the 4th we will know the registered unemployment in Spain. After registering a drop of 60,000 people in April, placing the number of unemployed people at 2.6 million, the lowest figure since September 2008, the beginning of the summer season is expected, as usual, to favour hiring. At the same time, we will also know Germany’s unemployment rate, which is expected to remain at 5.9% of the active population.

Rail transport figures in Spain are also published by the INE on Tuesday for the first trimester of 2024.

Merlin Properties pay dividends on Tuesday, and we will get to learn who is doing well during a cost-of-living crisis with the Fortune 500 listing.

Prepare to mark the spot with an X one month from today, as the General Election is on 4 July.

According to the UK Government website, the deadline for registering to vote in the General Election is 11:59pm on 18 June 2024. If you’re abroad, you can vote by post, or by applying to have someone else vote for you (voting by proxy).

Traffic and Travel

Road wise, there´s nothing significant planned this week, until the special operation at the weekend in La Rioja, but remember traffic will be busier at the weekends in tourist spots such as the coastal or mountain areas.

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