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Both Main Political Parties Increase Vote Share but Lose Votes in Torrevieja



In the European elections held this weekend, both the main political parties in Torrevieja, the PP and PSOE, increased their share of the vote, although both parties suffered a reduction overall.

In the 2024 European elections, in Torrevieja, the PP secured a 41% share, with 6,935 votes, whereas the PSOE secured a 30.15% share with 5,099 votes.

In the 2019 elections, the PP had a 33.73% share of the vote, and therefore increased this time by more than 7 percentage points, but the actual vote count was 7,394, therefore losing 459 votes.

For their part, in 2019, the PSOE secured 29.88% of the share, and so this year increased slightly, and received 6,551, and therefore, this time, they lost 1,452 votes.

As for the neighbouring municipalities, in Orihuela, the PP secured a 46.69% share with 10,319 votes, whereas the PSOE had a 25,21% share with 5,573 votes, compared to the PP having 30,53% share and 8,369 votes in 2019, the PSOE having a 28,39% share with 7,783 votes.

In Guardamar del Segura, the PP obtained a 41,58% share with 2,017 votes, the PSOE obtained 32,28% with 1,566, a reversal of power from 2019 when the PSOE secured 42,56% with 2,608 votes, and the PP had 24,61% with 1,508.

Participation in the elections reached just 39.27%, showing a decrease of 10 percentage points compared to 2019 (50.49%).

It is worth noting that these European elections are the first where British nationals have not been allowed to vote for their representatives following Brexit, apart from those able to retain their EU affiliated status.

Across the country, the PP has been the leading force in 4,815 municipalities in these elections, while the PSOE has been the most voted in 2,239.



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