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More than one hundred apparently abused animals freed by the Guardia Civil



In a private home in the Valencia town of Bétera, the Guardia Civil located 107 roosters – of which 70 of them were in very poor condition -, a dog and a blue macaw, all of them with evidence of animal abuse.

In the operation, two people have been investigated for the alleged crimes of animal abuse and possession of a protected specimen.

The intervention of the animals has been carried out following an operation where, during the search of a home in the town of Bétera, numerous animals with symptoms of abuse were located. For this reason, the environmental branch of the Guardia Civil, SEPRONA, has had to intervene to take care of the animals.

In this action, the agents confirmed the existence of 107 fighting roosters, 70 of them in very poor condition and with clear symptoms of abuse. Many of them had multiple injuries, caused by being used in organised cockfighting matches, and there was a treadmill next to them for training.

The agents have also confirmed the existence of a dog and a blue macaw, both with obvious symptoms of animal abuse, the dog being immediately removed and delivered to a canine centre arranged under the supervision of the Bétera Council.

The seized blue macaw’s feathers had been clipped from both wings and it lacked documentation proving its legal possession as it was a protected species. For this reason, the macaw has been seized and delivered to the Exotic Bird Recovery Centre of the Valencia City Council.

As a result of this action, two people have been investigated, a man and a woman aged 40 and 36.

Veterinary personnel from the Department of Environment, Water, Infrastructure and Territory of the Generalitat Valenciana have collaborated in this action.

The proceedings have been delivered to the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 4 of Paterna.



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