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Smoke-Free Beach in Torrevieja Smoke-Free Beach in Torrevieja

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Smoke-Free Beach in Torrevieja



The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has reported that the first Smoke-Free Beaches flag will be raised on the beach of Cabo Cervera in the town.

The Smoke-Free Beaches flag is an initiative of the General Directorate of Public Health, in which the City Council participates through its Departments of Beaches and Public Health.

Dolón received the flag from the person in charge of the Public Health Centre of the Orihuela Area, José Antonio García Navarro, with the assistance of the Councillor for Public Health, Rosa Cañón, and the Councillor for Beaches and Environment, Antonio Vidal.

Dolón reported that the first Smoke-Free Beaches flag will be raised on the beach of Cabo Cervera, and another will also be raised at the Ciudad Deportiva’s outdoor pool, despite the fact that smoking is prohibited in this pool. In addition, information signs will be installed at the entrances to this beach so that they can be seen by all bathers. The Council’s intention is for this pilot project to be expanded to other sandy areas in Torrevieja soon.

This is an initiative that aims to raise awareness among citizens so that beaches are clean, safe, and welcoming spaces for everyone. Therefore, there will be no sanctions but all people will be informed that with the implementation of this flag the aim is to offer all users of the beaches of Torrevieja a smoke-free environment where they can enjoy fresh and clean air, play in sand, swim in the sea and participate in outdoor activities without the worry of tobacco smoke.

Furthermore, this initiative is an important message for children and young people that we are committed to their well-being and the promotion of healthy habits.

The idea of healthy habit awareness was not so prominent in a video promoting the Torrevieja Weekend event recently though, where smoking was seen as a perfectly normal and acceptable act to those watching the video, including young people. Nor was it a priority for the new regional government who withdrew the ban on smoking on terraces introduced by the previous government as a public health measure.

Cigarette butts are one of the most common forms of litter on our beaches, and their removal will not only improve the aesthetics of the shoreline but will also protect marine life from the harmful effects of this litter.



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