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Petrol station robbers arrested



The Guardia Civil, within the framework of the “Carsoff” operation, arrested four people for various crimes of robbery with violence, force and theft in the provinces of Toledo, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Jaén, including four robberies at petrol stations in less than a month.

The first took place in the Toledo town of Camarena, where two hooded individuals broke into the petrol station and committed a violent robbery using a large knife to intimidate the worker, stealing her daily takings, some 450 euro.

From the moment the robbery took place, members of the Valmojado Guardia Civil began the investigation. The agents managed to identify the vehicle used by this criminal group to commit the robbery, which had been stolen in the nearby town of Viso de San Juan and abandoned in the Madrid neighbourhood of Fuencarral.

Related to the investigation, an increase in other crimes was detected in the north of Toledo related to vehicle thefts and force in vending machines. These crimes, the work of this criminal group, complemented their incessant criminal activity by using stolen vehicles to escape from the security forces and bodies without being identified if they were detected.

At the same time, while the investigation was being carried out, a new robbery was carried out at a petrol station in the town of Santa Cruz del Retamar, also in Toledo, with one of the perpetrators using a handgun.

The members of this dangerous criminal group already had a criminal record for various types of offences, totalling 150 crimes, for which they have been arrested on 25 occasions.

During police surveillance, in the exploitation phase of the investigation, two of the alleged perpetrators of the crimes were arrested. Subsequently, a search was carried out at the house located in the town of Ventas de Retamosa, where the simulated handgun used to intimidate the worker at the Santa Cruz del Retamar petrol station was found. Clothing used in the various robberies was also seized. Two other members of the group were arrested in the province of Guadalajara, in the town of El Casar, where they fled after committing the robberies.

Based on the results of the investigation, the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 8 of Illescas has ordered the imprisonment of two members of the criminal group, the leader and his right-hand man. Further arrests that could be related to those arrested so far are not ruled out.



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