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Man on trial for sexual exploitation



A man will be tried from today in Valladolid accused of the crime of exploiting women in a home, from which they were only allowed to leave for one hour a day and where they were always under surveillance.

The events for which the oral hearing will be held, in the Provincial Court of Valladolid, occurred from June 2020 to March 17, 2021, according to the provisional conclusions of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The accused was dedicated to exploiting the prostitution of women of his same nationality, natives of Paraguay, with scarce economic resources to survive and who voluntarily practiced prostitution under the conditions that he imposed.

It was the accused himself who accommodated the victims, arranged the appointments, and chose who he considered for each “service” requested,

The number of women in this situation fluctuated over time, between four and seven, who agreed to give the accused 50% of what they earned, while they had to follow rules whose failure to comply was punishable with fines.

They could only leave the house for one hour a day, in the morning, they could have two days off every fifteen days and never on weekends, they could not use the mobile phone when they were with clients, they had to be well-groomed and combed twenty-four hours a day, when there was a knock on the door they had to urgently leave the room.

When the accused was not at home, he monitored the victims with a camera system that kept them under constant surveillance.

The public prosecutor classifies the events as a crime of taking advantage of another’s prostitution, for which he is asking for three years in prison, a fine of eighteen months with a daily rate of twenty euro.

The court also calls for a three-year probation and special disqualification from exercising any profession, trade or activity involving minors for a period of ten years.

The court also demands that the accused pay compensation to one of the victims – the only one who is claiming for the situation suffered – a total of 10,000 euro for the moral damage caused.



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