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Guardia Civil boat tragedy reaches court



The four Guardia Civil officers who survived the attack by a drug boat in the port of Barbate last February are testifying today in the court that is investigating possible criminal liability of the Guardia Civil commanders who ordered the operation in which two agents died, according to the Unified Association of the Guardia Civil.

Along with them, the judge will take a statement from the captain of the Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil who was in the port, who reported to the higher commands the situation that was happening there, with several drug boats sheltered from the storm, and who received orders to act.

The proceedings were opened after a complaint from the Unified Association of the Guardia Civil (AUGC).

The AUGC filed this complaint because it considers that the commanders of the Guardia Civil of Andalusia and Cadiz responsible for the operation subjected the officers in the Barbate operation to obvious risk, with resources far inferior to those available to the drug traffickers.

This “serious event must have those responsible, both for drug traffickers and internally,” say the AUGC.

A Barbate court is investigating whether the Guardia Civil commanders who ordered the operation were criminally responsible.

Last May, the court rejected the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to file the investigation opened to clarify possible criminal responsibilities of the commanders and requested their identification.

The court also agreed to incorporate into the case file the statements made to the court by the surviving Guardia Civils, who were travelling with the two agents who died, on the boat that was attacked by the drug boats in the port of Barbate when they were going to identify its crew.

In those statements “they expressed the unacceptable security conditions and lack of means” with which they confronted the drug gangs, as reported by the AUGC at the time.

The association Justice for the Guardia Civil (Jucil) also joined the accusations and denounced the crime of homicide due to recklessness and crimes of serious injuries to the general chief of the Zone of the Guardia Civil of Andalusia and the colonel chief of the Command of Cádiz as responsible for that operation, in which agents Miguel Ángel González and David Pérez died.



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