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The National Police, after a laborious and thorough investigation has dismantled a criminal gang of children, consisting of 13 minors and two adults, who have allegedly been engaged in regular burglaries of homes, sometimes with the residents inside, as well as thefts from stores and schools.

The police station in Cartagena, after a criminological study, identified a series of robberies in the neighbourhoods of San Félix and José María de la Puerta, whose common denominator was the procedure for the empowerment of the effects, namely through climbing the facade of buildings and then entering them through balconies and windows, sometimes after forcing then, before removing items from within the properties.

Having carried out visual and forensic inspections in buildings, various fingerprints were found which could not be identified, so that agents assumed them to be of those responsible for the crimes, albeit the fingerprints matched the size and shape of children or those without a criminal record, a fact that greatly hindered the investigation.

However, their ongoing enquiries meant that they did finally identify a group of children who were engaging in such activities, and so deployed a team of officers who proceeded to identify and subsequent arrest the group.

The then seized various items, including jewellery, computer equipment, mobile phones, bicycles and various effects, which were all delivered to an adult friend of the gang, who in turn would sell them to another person, who was also involved in drug trafficking. Bothe these adults were also detained.

The investigation has so far identified 14 locations where crimes have been committed that the group are suspected of being responsible, although they are not ruling out others.

The officers managed to recover some of the stolen effects that were returned to their rightful owners.

The children were all put in front of the Juvenile Court of Murcia, those under 14 were released to their parents. The majority of those responsible were of Spanish nationality except for two who were from Uruguay and Lithuania.

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