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Social Security registers 29,320 more foreign affiliates in November



The total number of foreign workers stands at 2,290,099. They represent 11.58% of the total affiliates. This is the sixth month in a row with job growth.

Social Security registered 2,290,099 foreign affiliates in November, after discounting seasonality and the calendar effect. It is about 29,320 jobs more than the previous month (1.3%). With this increase, 100,000 more workers are registered than in February 2020, before the impact of the pandemic, after six consecutive months of growth.

Seasonally adjusted series of foreign affiliates (2014-2021)

The number of people of foreign origin who work in Spain represents 11.58% of the total number of Social Security affiliates, in seasonally adjusted terms.

Average monthly membership

In terms of average affiliation, Social Security had 2,263,281 foreign contributors in November, of which 792,644 came from EU countries (35.02%) and 1,470,636, from third countries (64.98%). There are 2,137 more average employees than in October.

The largest groups of employed persons come from Romania (332,430), Morocco (280,858), Italy (140,068), Venezuela (106,304) and China (106,232). 56.65% were men (1,282,152), while 43.35% were women (981,128).

By autonomous communities, the greatest increase in the number of foreign affiliates corresponds to Andalusia (3.19%), with particular intensity in Jaén (64.31%), where the olive harvest campaign is being developed. The Valencian Community (3.07%), the Canary Islands (2.94%) and Murcia (2.42%) also grew above the average. On the contrary, the most pronounced decreases were registered in the Balearic Islands (-17.26%), in Extremadura (-10.61%) and in Castilla y León (-8.06%).

By scheme, the majority of foreigners are affiliated to the General Scheme, a total of 1,873,340 people. This record includes the Special Agrarian System, with 223,584 employed persons, and the Home System, with 166,588. The average increase in the General Regime was 0.10%.

The increase in Transportation and Storage (4.08%), in Education (3.09%), in Public Administration and Defence (2.07%) and in Water Supply and Sanitation Activities (2.00%) stand out.

For its part, the number of foreigners in the Self-Employed Regime grew by 0.12% in the last month, placing the total at 385,280.

In the last twelve months, the affiliation of workers from other countries has increased 9.14%, that is, by 189,539 people.



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