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Fuerteventura has its first linear accelerator thanks to the support of the Ministry of Health through the Next Generation funds



The General Hospital of Fuerteventura has the first linear accelerator in its history thanks to the support of the Ministry of Health through the High Technology Investment Plan (INVEAT) financed with Next Generation EU funds.

The Government of Spain has invested 3.53 million euro in high health technology to renew three pieces of equipment at the General Hospital of Fuerteventura thanks to the INVEAT Plan: the linear accelerator, a catheterisation room, and a Computed Tomography device.

This was announced by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, during her official visit to Fuerteventura, where she insisted that “the commitment of the Government of Spain is unavoidable with the Canary Islands and with Fuerteventura, improving the quality of care and people’s lives, raison d’être of this government of progress”.

The linear accelerator has already been installed and in operation since June 29 and has received financing of 2.5 million euro. Thanks to this installation, the General Hospital of Fuerteventura has been able to start up the Radiotherapy Oncology Unit. In this way, Fuerteventura becomes the first non-capital island to have this benefit.

This facility has already allowed 258 oncology patients from Fuerteventura to be treated on their own island.

For its part, the Hemodynamic room has had an investment of almost 600,000 euro and is in the final stages of bidding. It will be the first on the island and will include the installation of an angiograph that will allow the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, which will prevent 80 percent of trips outside the island in patients with heart disease.

The Computed Tomography planning device, which has involved an investment of 420,000 euro and will also be the first on the island, which will also help prevent cancer patients from traveling.

The INVEAT plan provides an unprecedented investment in the purchase of high-tech equipment in the National Health System with an investment of almost 800 million euro for the renovation or expansion of 851 equipment throughout the country.

In the case of the Canary Islands, the INVEAT Plan involves an investment of 38.5 million euro for the acquisition of 22 pieces of equipment and the expansion of another 18, which adds up to a total of 40 pieces of equipment that will be distributed throughout the islands.

On this visit, the Minister of Health has been accompanied by the sub-delegate of the Government in Las Palmas, Teresa Mayans; the island director in Fuerteventura, Domingo Fuentes; and by the director of the Health Area of ​​Fuerteventura, Sandra Celis, among other authorities.



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