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Nazis Arrested Nazis Arrested

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Eleven Nazi ideologist leaders arrested



The Guardia Civil has dismantled a paramilitary organisation of Nazi ideology with the arrest of 11 of its leaders, and the investigation of another 11 members in the provinces of Almería, Alicante, Bizkaia, Castellón, Jaén, La Rioja, Madrid, Málaga, Navarra, Pontevedra, Segovia, Seville, Teruel, Toledo, Valencia, and Zaragoza.

They are considered perpetrators of the crimes of illicit association, insults to State institutions, attacks, illicit possession of weapons and promotion and incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence towards various groups.

In the eight searches that have taken place in Málaga and Roquetas de Mar (Almería), the Guardia Civil has seized ten firearms, more than 9,000 cartridges, explosive precursors, 34 bottles of sulfuric acid, and numerous prohibited weapons, including brass knuckle dusters, kubotanes, automatic knives, and defence sprays, among others. The agents have also found numerous propaganda effects of neo-Nazi ideology.

The investigations began in November 2021, when the Guardia Civil detected how one of the leaders spread numerous online videos in which he seriously denigrated himself and spread hatred towards different groups, especially towards migrants, women, and the LGTBI community.

Its administrator had a high level of ascendancy within these virtual groups – with 2,800 followers -, going so far as to express to his followers the need to create an “army” to “end the established regime” and implement his ideology, encouraging them to embrace to the same and inviting them to arm themselves.

At that point, several of the followers created a self-proclaimed “military order” of a marked supremacist nature, whose leaders defined themselves as “captain general” and “commander”, with “territorial captains” at the provincial level.

Its members were distributed in groups throughout different parts of the country, holding regular meetings, both physical and virtual. The association had a “headquarters” in the province of Malaga.

The detained leaders gave the guidelines to “arm themselves”, several members obtaining weapons licences and acquiring rifles, shotguns and pistols, while others acquired detonating weapons that were easily transformed to make them capable of firing, complemented with bladed weapons and prohibited items of various kinds.


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