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Mahou San Miguel in 2 billion euro income boost



Mahou San Miguel has closed an exceptional year 2023, marked by growth on multiple fronts. With a 10% increase in its turnover to reach the record figure of 1,9 billion euro, and a net profit that rose by 6.1%, rising to 108.3 million euro, the company consolidates its position as leader of the beer sector in Spain.

The company’s general director, Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, announced during the presentation of the results to the press that the year 2023 has been positive despite the challenges caused by inflationary tensions and geopolitical volatility. Thus, the director has indicated that, “2023 has been a transformative year for our company. We have experienced substantial growth in all our business areas, strengthening our leadership in the domestic market and accelerating our international presence, especially in Europe.”

The director also detailed that the increase in billing is attributed, in part, to the increase in prices. However, he also highlighted the company’s strategy of not completely transferring the increase in costs to prices, as well as the decision to continue investing in the brands.

The brewing company recorded a total of 21 million hectolitres in sales, that is, only 0.5% more than the previous year, of which 16.2 million corresponded to beer and 4.8 million to the water segment.

The year 2023 was also characterised by a significant investment by Mahou San Miguel, which allocated 34% more resources to the modernisation of its 10 production centres and its four springs. This effort translated into a unique industrial footprint in the Spanish beer sector, further strengthening its ability to offer quality and sustainable products.

In total, the company has invested 543.6 million euro in 2023, 11.2% more than the previous year with the aim of modernising its production centres, innovating its products and formats, as well as to offer greater services for professionals, and advances in sustainability.

On the other hand, one of the highlights of Mahou San Miguel’s financial report is the solid performance of its international sales, which now represent 21% of the company’s total. This achievement is largely due to the exceptional performance of the San Miguel brand in Europe, driven by a strategic investment of 50 million euro to expand its presence on the continent and capitalise on the World Premium Lager segment.

“San Miguel is the best-selling Spanish beer outside our borders,” says Rodríguez-Toquero, who adds that at the moment it is also his “international priority.” What’s more, the outstanding performance of the San Miguel brand was reflected in its all-time high sales outside of Spain, with double-digit growth in continental Europe.

In addition to its financial success, Mahou San Miguel has demonstrated a continued commitment to innovation, introducing new products such as Mahou Rosé and Mahou Sin Filtrar. It has also invested in initiatives to support the hospitality industry, with a transformation plan that has added 5,000 new points of sale as clients and has significantly improved its comprehensive services through the +Bar platform.

Mahou San Miguel’s vision goes beyond numbers. The company has also stood out for its commitment to leisure and entertainment, becoming the first to brew beer in a football stadium in Spain, with the opening of a space under its Mahou brand in the renovated Santiago Bernabéu. In addition, this year it will activate the global sponsorship of the NY Yacht American Magic, in the 37th Sailing America’s Cup to be held in Barcelona, ​​thus contributing to the positioning of Madrid as a leader in the leisure panorama.

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