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One Plus One Equals Seventeen… Probably… How Torrevieja Officials Seemingly Do Maths!



Here we go again… It has started earlier this year, but it looks like some political figures in Torrevieja are still lacking in basic numeracy, and some of them could well benefit from going back to school, assuming there are still schools and teachers.

According to the PP Torrevieja’s Twitter (X) feed, “more than 10,000 people were able to enjoy the fashion show on Paseo Vista Alegre with Eduardo Navarrete”.

At 230 metres long by 23 metres wide, tapering off at one end, the Paseo Vista Alegre covers approximately 5,000 square metres, on which there is a fountain, garden, statues, and benches.

The internal measurements inside the benched area, and within the boundaries of the fountain and statues, are 162 metres long by 12 metres wide, thus covering 1,944 square metres, approximately.

Depending on what space calculator for events you use, which is then determined by the type of event, the amount of space to fit 10,000 people would of course vary, such as to hold a cocktail party with people standing would require 5,500 square metres of space. To hold a concert would be in the region of 4,000 square metres of space.

To reverse the calculation, in a theatre style setup of 2,000 square metres, we could seat just under 2,500 people. Often considered a safe figure for standing crowds is 2 people per square metre, so for our (let’s round it up) 2,000 square metres of space, we can fit 4,000 people standing.

On the Paseo Vista Alegre there was a catwalk, stage, and additional seating which also reduced the space of course.

So, either the town hall has allowed a gross and dangerous overcapacity event to take place, or the figures are just made up to try to justify a costly event that would only benefit a small number of businesses rather than the majority in the municipality who pay taxes and never see any of the benefits.

Incidentally, amongst the summer events last year, the town hall was praising the RBF music festival that prevented local traders from earning money as the market had to be closed, because it was set to attract 40,000 people who would all bring their wealth to Torrevieja. Even though, generally, festival goers don’t spend locally!

The reported economic value would be more than a larger concert held in Murcia city. Plus, the event organisers were selling two-day tickets. So, the reality was only 20,000 people at best. That didn’t stop the town hall reporting that 36,000 people attended the event, even though for this year the festival organisers said that they hoped to beat their 18,000 ticket sales!

It’s a good thing these people aren’t left in charge of other important numbers like money and budgets…

So, as we start this early in the season with the questionable statistics, we can expect much of the same throughout the summer, when no doubt representative of the town hall will tell everyone that the world is perfect and expect you to continue to believe what they tell you rather than what is in front of your eyes.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command”. George Orwell, 1984.



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