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Last day for self-employed to submit tax declarations for Direct Debit payment



Self-employed people who want to pay their “Renta” by direct debit have until today, Wednesday, to submit the declaration.

According to the Tax Agency’s calendar, the general deadline for personal income tax filings to end is July 1. However, if the taxpayer wants the Treasury to collect the result of the settlement directly from the account if it pays, you will have to first submit form 100.

This year, all self-employed workers without exception have to declare their Renta income if they were registered in 2023. Those who have not done so still have, as a general rule, the entire month of June to submit their taxes. But, as is the case with the rest of the self-assessments, the deadline to declare personal income tax with direct debit ends five days earlier.

As explained by the Tax Agency, “the deadline for submitting self-assessments with direct debit depends on the end of the submission deadline for each model.” In the case of Renta, this general deadline is usually June 30 every year and the deadline for direct debit on the 25th. However, the dates may change depending on business and non-business days.

According to the Tax Agency, if the expiration of the submission period coincides with a non-business day, the period ends on the first following business day and the direct debit period will generally be extended by the same number of days that the submission period is extended. said declaration”.

This is what has happened this year with the Renta campaign. Since June 30 is a Sunday, the submission deadline has passed to July 1. The same thing has happened with the deadline to make the direct debit.

Thus, this year, the self-employed will have until the 26th to present the Renta if they want the Treasury to charge them for their self-assessment on time. Otherwise, they will have to go to their financial institution themselves or pay through the Tax Agency headquarters. This last option entails an added risk of forgetting to pay personal income tax on time, with the surcharges and possible penalties that this implies.



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