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Pet food company highlight their commitment to animal rescues



Hill’s Pet Nutrition Iberia has highlighted their commitment to animal welfare, something we can all play our part in, through their ‘Food, shelter and love’ program, which aims to help animals from animal shelters in Spain and Portugal.

“Did you know that an average of 33 pets are abandoned every hour, which is equivalent to one every two minutes? At Hill’s we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live in a home that gives them all the love and health they need,” the company highlights.

That is why, through their program, they collaborate with shelters to ensure that they receive the care and nutrition they need while they wait to find their forever home.

Thus, this year, they have collaborated with 13 shelters in Spain and Portugal. Some of them are ANAA, Baasgalgo, Protectora de Sabadell or Asproan.

“We are proud to announce that this year we have donated more than 9,000 kilos of product to date, and we will continue working to support more shelters and, above all, more abandoned pets,” they celebrate.

Likewise, they have thanked all the participants for their collaboration “for their continued support.” “Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these animals,” they conclude.

Since 2002, Hills have helped more than 14 million pets from shelters find a forever home, they have provided more than 277 million euro in food and have collaborated with more than 1,000 shelters worldwide.



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