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Pesetas property purchase fraudster facing 3 years in prison



The Provincial Court of Toledo will judge RIG on Tuesday for an alleged crime of fraud in the acquisition of a home in 2018 in Talavera de la Reina.

According to the prosecution’s document, RIG is said to have deceived the married couple GGF – now deceased – and MMGD, who became acquaintances in May 2018, into purchasing a property in the municipality of Talavera de la Reina, valued at 69,350 euro, by agreeing on a purchase price of 9,000,000 pesetas, subsequently establishing in the documents registered before the notary the purchase-sale value of 9,000 euro, instead of the 54,000 euro corresponding to the exchange rate with the old currency.

The prosecution points to the sellers’ trust in the accused because they knew him beforehand and thought that he would abide by what was verbally agreed and would record the price agreed between both parties in the deed.

He also points out that the sellers were unaware of the conversion of euro into pesetas and believed that the amount set in euro was equivalent to the 9 million pesetas agreed as the purchase price of the property.

For these facts, the Public Prosecutor considers RIG to be the author of a crime of fraud under articles 248.1 and 250.1. 5th and 6th of the penal code, for which it requests a sentence of three years in prison with special disqualification from the right to passive suffrage during the term of the sentence, a fine of nine months at a rate of twelve euro per day and payment of the procedural costs in accordance with article 123 of the penal code.

It also considers that the contract of sale should be declared void because the party selling the property was the victim of deception.



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