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The National Police detain two traffickers who were raffling a Christmas narco-basket



Agents of the National Police have dismantled in Murcia a point of sale of drugs in which, in addition to supplying their clients with all kinds of narcotic substances, they were allowed to consume it inside. In one of the searches carried out, the police found a template on the wall where customers signed up and participated to win a narco-basket in the event of matching the last two figures of the Christmas or El Niño draws. The prize included cocaine, hashish, alcohol, cash and even a ham.

A drug “guarantee”

The operation began when the agents learned of the existence of a drug “joint”, a place where, in addition to selling drugs, their consumption is allowed. After confirming their suspicions, the investigators obtained the mandatory order to enter and search the premises and, in addition, a related address that was the place where, presumably, the drugs were grown and stored.

In the operation, agents arrested two people and seized 165 marijuana plants, a kilo of chopped marijuana, more than five kilograms of marijuana buds, and various amounts of cocaine and hashish. They also dismantled an indoor crop made up of 33 halogen lamps, transformers, an extractor and four air conditioners used to grow the drug.

Draw of a narco-basket

In conducting the search, the researchers found something surprising and novel. The detainees had made a huge template on the wall of the home for consumers to participate in the raffle for a basket of drugs. After betting a different amount of money – five euro for the Christmas draw and ten euro for El Niño – to get the last two figures right, the winning basket included cocaine, hashish, alcohol, tobacco, cash and even an eight kilo ham.

The detainees, two men of 30 and 45 years of age, one of Spanish and the other of Argentine nationality, were brought before the judicial authority as alleged perpetrators of a crime of drug trafficking and another of fraud of electricity, for having connected addresses to the electricity grid.



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