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The Guardia Civil detains a person immersed in an advanced process of jihadist radicalisation



Information Service agents detained an individual of Pakistani nationality 20 in Seville for crimes of terrorism. The operation carried out by the Guardia Civil has been directed by the Central Investigating Court No. 5 and the Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court.

This investigation began after detecting a user in a well-known social network where he was making a profuse dissemination of the message of the jihadist ideology. His publications made allusions to terrorist attacks, with continuous references to their perpetrators and violent jihad. In one of his publications, he alluded to the lone actor Zaher HASSAN, who starred in a terrorist attack in September 2020, attacking two people, with a knife in France, under the conviction that they were workers at the headquarters of the weekly Charlie Hebdo.

The detainee is a member of an extremist organisation based in Pakistan, which has extreme intolerance on matters perceived to be contrary to Islam, calling for the execution of all alleged blasphemers against this religion. This type of narrative clearly parallels the arguments offered by jihadist Salafi groups to inspire violent actions.

During the time that the investigation has lasted, a constant drift towards violent jihad with rapid radicalisation has been observed, spreading prototypical publications of the jihadist ideology on their social networks. In these he has boasted of the Taliban “reconquest” of Afghanistan, declaring that it was a first step in the takeover of the West.

The consumption and dissemination of this radical material, led to the now detained to participate in the so-called “media jihad” in reference to the continuous use of social networks for the dissemination of material justifying terrorist violence.

All these activities carried out by the investigated put the Guardia Civil specialists on alert, who after an exhaustive analysis of the indics found during the investigation, proceeded to arrest the suspect.

The detainee has been brought to justice this morning, having been ordered the measure of entry into provisional prison. The operation remains open to fully clarify its activities in Spain as well as to detect other collaborating members of this network.

The early detection of radicalisation processes in the field of jihadist terrorism, is today one of the greatest investigative challenges faced by security forces and bodies due to the importance and risk that it can generate for the safety of citizens from Spain.

Since the elevation to level 4 of the anti-terrorist alert on June 26, 2015, the Guardia Civil has strengthened all operational devices and lines of investigation related to the terrorist threat, especially those on individuals immersed in a radicalisation process that may lead to displacement to a conflict zone or in the commission of terrorist actions in the countries of residence.



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