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Goodbye to removing liquids and laptops at Spanish airport security from 2024



If you’ve flown from Spain in the last few years you will be all too aware that it is necessary to remove liquids and electronic devices from hand luggage when going through security control at airports, but those days are now numbered, as confirmed by the Spanish airport operator, AENA.

AENA is going to carry out a significant investment in technology related to scanners in order to avoid this step for passengers at Spanish airports.

Now, in addition to taking out the indicated products, in the case of liquids in hand luggage, containers of more than 100 ml cannot be carried. When these new scanners are operational, not only will the bottles not have to be removed from the hand luggage, but larger containers can be carried.

And it is that the new scanners will have three-dimensional X-rays, as detailed by AENA, which will make it easier for ground personnel to check luggage without the need for the passenger to remove everything.

These types of systems are already operational at airports such as Stansted, Heathrow and Eindhoven, among others.

According to information from AENA, the first airports to have this system will be those of Madrid and Barcelona. They are expected to be operational next year.

Later they will be installed in the other Spanish airports with the highest volume of travellers such as Mallorca, Malaga, Alicante and Tenerife.

This measure is not exclusive to Spain, but is part of a global proposal to gradually ease hand luggage restrictions while modernising systems so as not to reduce security.

The liquids regulations were passed in 2006 after a foiled al Qaeda attack at Heathrow in which terrorists tried to break in with explosives concealed in drink cans.



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