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Promise to Finally Widen the N-332 through Torrevieja



Pablo Samper, candidate for mayor of Sueña Torrevieja, has publicly shown their project for the widening of the N-332 road as it passes through Torrevieja, which in the words of Samper “has been carried out by independent technicians and architects who affirm that the splitting is viable and can be perfectly executed”.

Samper says that “traffic jams, and accidents are becoming unsustainable after 12 years without solutions from any national or local government”.

Samper is convinced that “the N-332 is the biggest problem in Torrevieja today, so I want to show my total commitment, willingness and effort to make the demands of the people of Torrevieja come true”.

Sueña Torrevieja began a social media campaign in August last year, encouraging residents of Torrevieja to send their photographs and videos that have been published on different social networks, a campaign that has been received with great interaction.

Samper concludes by stating that “as a candidate for mayor of a local and independent party I cannot forget the problems that affect us as residents of Torrevieja, so in addition to offering real projects, my obligation is to raise awareness and inform citizens that there is a solution and that with a lot of effort, perseverance and support we will get the national governments and the bureaucracy to listen to the people of Torrevieja in their historical demands”.

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