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Man facing 6 years in prison for sexual assault



The Courts in Valencia will begin to hear evidence from Thursday against a man accused of sexually assaulting an acquaintance, with whom he had arranged to go see a house he had bought.

The events occurred on May 8, 2022, when the defendant stayed in a municipality of l’Horta Sud with the victim, whom he had known for four years, with the excuse of going to see a house that he had bought for his wife.

According to the information in the case provided by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, once in the car, the man insisted that the victim drink wine during the journey, which lasted 45 minutes.

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the victim partially lost consciousness as a result of alcohol or some substance that the defendant could have introduced into her drink. According to the report, “the man would have taken advantage of the woman’s condition to take her to a country building and have sexual relations with her, since she could not give her consent due to the dazed state in which she was.”

In the blood samples analysed after the incident, traces of benzodiazepines, substances with hypnotic or sedative effects, were found.

The public prosecution is provisionally requesting a 6-year prison sentence for the defendant for the crime of sexual assault.

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