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30 years in prison for lip-injecting fake doctor



The Provincial Court of Las Palmas has notified the sentence that condemns a false doctor who injected silicone into 37 women on the island of Gran Canaria between 2016 and 2019, making them believe that he treated them with hyaluronic acid.

The Court condemns the accused as the author of a crime of professional intrusion (for which she is fined 15 months with a daily fee of 10 euro), of 20 crimes of injuries under article 152.1.1º (for each of the which carries a sentence of five months in prison), and 17 crimes of injury under article 152.1.3 (for each of which one year and three months in prison is imposed).

The ruling absolves the false doctor of the crimes of fraud and against public health that she had been accused of, makes her responsible for paying the procedural costs and forces her to pay compensation to her victims for a total value of 181,000 euro.

The ruling declares it proven that between the years 2016 and 2019, the accused, at her home in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and sometimes in a bungalow in Playa del Inglés, “was dedicating herself, lacking any specific training, and not having studied in this regard, and therefore lacking any type of authorisation and qualification that would allow such activity, to carry out infiltrations on the lips and sometimes on the face of the clients who came to the aforementioned properties, after making an appointment via WhatsApp.

It details the ruling that these people placed themselves in the hands of the accused “in the belief that they were going to be injected with hyaluronic acid, when in reality the accused injected them with liquid silicone, a filler substance whose use in aesthetic treatments is not authorised even by “by the Spanish Medicines Agency or by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine.”

The infiltration into the lips was carried out in two sessions, the Court explains, “in a room lacking any sanitary equipment and with the syringes already pre-filled with the product, paying 150 euro in the first session, in which the infiltration was carried out, and in the second, for a touch-up that took place days later, 50 euro.”

Over time, the ruling concludes, “at least thirty-seven women who had been infiltrated by the accused began to feel discomfort, such as excessive swelling, granulosis, intense pain with any blow, no matter how minor, which were communicated to the accused, always via WhatsApp, communicating to them, by the same means, that these discomforts were normal and that they should massage their lips, apply ice and on some occasions that they should apply anti-inflammatories.”

The Court does not appreciate the crime of fraud, understanding that the essential element of deception that defines this type of crime is already subsumed in the crime of intrusion, and does not see the crime against public health applicable, since it considers it proven that the injuries are not intentional, but caused by recklessness.

The sentence is subject to appeal before the Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands.



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