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Spring was the eighth warmest of the 21st century



According to the latest climatic advance from the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, the spring of 2024 (between March 1 and May 31) was warm throughout the country and was the eighth warmest of the 21st century and the tenth since 1961.

The average temperature on the peninsula stood at 13.1ºC, which is 0.7ºC higher than the average for the reference period (1991-2020).

On the other hand, rainfall reached normal values ​​on average, although with geographical inequalities.

Regarding the next quarter, made up of the months of July, August and September, it is expected to probably be warmer than normal throughout Spain.

In most of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands it could be among the 20% of the warmest summers on record.

In terms of precipitation, the quarter could be drier than usual, especially in the north of the peninsula and inland areas, although in the case of precipitation the forecast must be taken with caution.

Meanwhile, we can expect celebrations of the increase in tourism, and of flights, one of the contributors to climate change.



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