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Man accused of trying to kill his partner on trial



A man accused of trying to kill the woman who had been his romantic partner for eight months will be tried in the Valencia Court today.

The relationship ended following a complaint from the woman for domestic abuse, as a result of which a restraining order was imposed on him.

Despite this, the Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the defendant continued sending messages to the victim until he managed to meet her in a home in a municipality in the Ribera Alta region. There an argument began between the two when the man asked the victim to withdraw the complaint filed against him, to which the woman refused.

During the argument, the man, “with the intention of ending the victim’s life or assuming the possibility that this would happen”, allegedly grabbed her by the neck with both hands and squeezed hard, until she lost consciousness. Shortly after, the woman regained consciousness and began to vomit, despite which the man refused to take her to the hospital and accompanied her to her home.

The Prosecutor’s Office initially requests a 17-year prison sentence for him for the crime of attempted homicide, a continued crime of breach of precautionary measure, and crimes against the administration of Justice and injuries.



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