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Man stands trial for attempted killing of former partner



On Tuesday, the trial will begin against a man accused of trying to kill his former partner when she tried to escape through a window in a municipality in the Camp de Morvedre region.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 13 years and one month in prison for the crimes of attempted homicide, coercion, and abuse in the family environment.

The events occurred on July 8, 2022, when the woman went to the house where she had lived with the defendant to pick up some belongings after ending the relationship.

When she entered the man locked the door and began to hit her, according to what she maintains in the public accusation.

The Prosecutor’s Office states that, at one point during the attack, the defendant started talking on the phone with a friend, which the victim took advantage of to go up to the upper floor of the house and try to leave through one of the windows.

When the man realised this, he approached her with the intention of continuing to hit her and taking the risk that the woman would jump. The victim saw no other option to escape than to jump into the void, which caused injuries that took 116 days to heal.

However, in November 2022, the woman appeared before the Court to withdraw the complaint filed for these events.



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