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The councillor for the environment in Orihuela, Anunciación Belchí, has presented a comprehensive campaign which she hopes will lead to a “cleaner Orihuela”, which includes several policies and a threat of fines for those who …


On 23 April, on the occasion of celebrations marking the inauguration of Orihuela’s SECOND public library, C.L.A.R.O. led a protest against the discriminatory policies of the successive three-party (PSOE, Greens and CLR) and two-party (PSOE and Greens)…


Dealing with Decathlon

The Ministry of Development has approved the construction of a walkway for pedestrians on the road N-332, at the height of the Regia. The Department of Coast, Beaches and International Residents, led by Martina Scheurer, shall tender the construction of this infrastructure in a few weeks, since before this procedure it was mandatory to have the authorization of Development, owner of the road, which was granted on the 10th of April. Thus, responding to a historical demand of the residents of the area.

The project includes the construction of a footbridge over the N-332, at km 48, to join the core of La Regia residence with the area closest to the beach. This infrastructure is to encourage and facilitate the flow of the N-332 and avoid pedestrians crossing the road. The project includes the construction of a walkway, lattice, steel structure with arch that will measure 35 meters in length.

The bridge will be supported by two pillars with ramps in a similar style to the one existing in the urbanization of La Regia. The project also includes the replacement and refurbishment of existing pedestrian access, sidewalks and bike lanes, and the replacement of roads and other urban elements that are affected by the construction of the pedestrian bridge. The bid price will be 226,000 euro (including VAT) and the execution time of three months.

Councillor for the Coast, Beaches and International Residents, Martina Scheurer, has signed an agreement with Decathlon to collaborate on Bicycle Day to be held on May the 12th and to be called “Deka Bike”. It consists of making a bicycle tour, suitable for children, with additional activities such as Zumba, “spinning”, “BODYCOMBAT” and bicycle tuning. Registration can be done in the Decathlon store located in the Zenia Boulevard shopping centre and on the Decathlon website, with a two euro entry fee which also includes a unique T-shirt for participants.

The Councillor of Commerce in the Orihuela municipality, Manuel Gallud, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce have presented the campaign “Qincena de la Madre” which aims to promote trade and shopping in Orihuela for the occasion of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the 5th of May. The initiative was proposed by the Association of Commerce of Orihuela, involving 140 stores, compared to 100 who joined the campaign for the Semana del Padre, and includes participating establishments in the town of Orihuela, in the hamlets and in Orihuela Costa. The campaign will end on the 4th of May, and consumers can get a ticket for the drawing of two gift vouchers worth 300 euro to spend at participating merchants and two meals for four at the Palace Hotel Tudemir also up for grabs. To get tickets, participants must spend 15 euro or more in stores that is displaying the campaign poster in their window. The draw for the gift will be held on Monday the 6th of May in the press room of the City Hall in Orihuela.

An event called the 1ST DAY OF CIVIL ENGAGEMENT will take place on Sunday the 28th of April, 2013, on the Seafront at Playa Flamenca, between 11am and 4pm.

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Councillor Antonia Moreno said that the authorities were treating the painting as an act of vandalism

Orihuela residents woke up on Monday morning to find that a Republican Flag had been painted on the side of the walls surrounding the front of the city’s Diocesan Seminary

Councillor Antonia Moreno said that the authorities were treating the painting as an act of vandalism and she was reporting the matter to the National police. She said that she will ensure that steps are taken to paint over the flag, the cost of which will met from municipal funds.

She added that the image has been painted onto a natural stone wall so returning it to it’s natural form could prove rather more expensive than originally thought.

The painting appeared on the anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic.

This is not the first time that such manifestations have appeared in public spaces. The most recent occasion was just a few weeks ago when the Orihuela shield appeared overnight in the bed of the Segura with the acronym MRP, the Popular Resistance Movement.

Moreno said that had supporters of the Second Republic requested a commemoration of the anniversary she would have granted permission so the decision to celebrate it in such a disturbing way was totally unnecessary.

“But now the wall painting is there and the council has no choice but to deal with the cleaning costs which could be substantial, because we will have to use a gun to clean the natural sand stone,” concluded Moreno.

It is understood that the city has adjusted the night time routes of its local police officers to ensure that the area around the seminary is regularly patrolled.

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A talk will be held on Friday the 3rd of May at the Orihuela Costa civil centre, introducing and explaining the concept of “Fair Trade” to the residents of the coast. For several years now information and activities about “Comercio Ju…


Walking the dog

Police say that over 20% of dogs in both Orihuela and on the Costa to not have the “chip” identification, which has been mandatory in Spain for many years. The figures have been released following a campaign initiated by the Department of Health which began on February 14. The operation was carried out by the local police but on this occasion it was undertaken purely as an information gathering process, an awareness initiative with no sanctions being carried out, according to Councilor Luis Galiano (PSOE).

“Local Police Agents have not punished the owners, but we have reported the mandatory animal identification to the authorities, together with the consequences of not chipping their animals to the owners, “he said last week.

In a statement the councilor said that the campaign has found that 20% of the animals do not meet the law and did not have the” chip” fitted.

He went on to say that the police have found that 6% of the dogs are part of the group considered to be potentially dangerous animals and their owners do not have the requisite license. “So, he has now begun to process requirements to ensure that owners correct any deficiencies that have been found. Failure to do so will result in the imposition of a fine.

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Once again the parents of children attending the Community and Primary School Playas de Orihuela stood arm in arm last week to demonstrate at the poor conditions in which their offspring continue to be educated.

Joined by many of the teachers, the Association of Mothers and Fathers protested for half an hour last Monday prior to the opening of the center demanding “a decent school for the education of our children.”

Many of the parents expressed their anger at the neglect being shown by the leaders of the Community. One mother said that they simply can’t understand why a region with a core population of over 33,000 inhabitants has only one brick built school, and more importantly why the situation has not been urgently addressed.

The current Los Dolses School is a series of prefabricated portacabins, many of which are joined together. They were first erected in 2002, eleven years ago, and they are now desperately in need of refurbishment and repair. “In many other EU countries the buildings would be considered unsafe and quite likely condemned,” she said. “During the winter months the children are quite often without heating and many of the buildings leak quite badly when it rains.” “All we want is a decent school for the education of our children.”

Parents say that the response from the Department of Education is that the economic times we are living do not allow for any major investments, “but we know that schools are being built elsewhere in the community, in places where the prefabricated classrooms have been around for a much shorter period.”

The school itself accommodates 300 students in which teachers do great job integrating the students of many different nationalities. When the primary school children move from Los Dolses into secondary education they are transferred to the Institute in Playa Flamenca, another establishment largely made up of prefabricated buildings. As such there are children who are now leaving school who have never experienced a brick built classroom. This is a situation that cannot be allowed to continue in what is purported to be a civilized western country.

As ex-pats continue to move to Spanish shores in hope of a better life, schools are overcrowded and hopes are fading that promises of getting schoolchildren out of prefabricated classrooms will ever come to fruition as the ‘temporary’ structures show no signs of being replaced.

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Torrevieja City Council said that they expect to repair the damage caused by last week’s theft of copper wire to street lighting along the N332 within the next few days.
The robbery took place about a week ago to the lighting along the section of the …


A 65 year old man died in Orihuela Monday following a collision between a van and a tractor, according to the Traffic Management Center and the Center for Information and Emergency Coordination (CICU) .
The incident occurred about 8.35 am on the road …

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