José Ballesta, the spokesperson for the regional government of Murcia, has said that the administration “will not give any kind of assistance” to the future concessionaire of Corvera airport, Aeromur, “because it is not covered by the contract”, but continued with the positive note that the government “does not remain inactive in this situation, seeking solutions to a situation that has allegedly breached the terms of the contract signed at the time of the serving of the tender”.

Ballesta also commented that the contract “did not envisage the closure of San Javier airport” and insisted that the contract “cannot be changed because it was the subject of public tender”.

When asked about the financial guarantee on the200 million euro project, Ballesta stated that the government were “involved in the planning of existing infrastructure in the region for the future”, and that “we must deal with the concessionaires of the loan if they to run or not”, but “There is no imminent danger in relation to that enforcement of the guarantee, besides analyzing alternatives in the event that this happens to deal with the situation”.

Ballesta also stressed that the continual comparison between Corvera and San Javier is incorrect, as Corvera is “purely civilian”, with no military components as those that exist as in San Javier, stating that “A number of differences in which a comparable situation may exist at an airport in decline or with a lack of future opportunities in other airports or features or infrastructure management”, although the situation of Corvera against San Javier is unique.

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