SuperEnalotto has been active in Italy since it was launched by a private company (Sisal SpA) in December 1997. The SuperEnalotto replaced the Enalotto which had been played in Italy since the 1950’s. SuperEnalotto draws take place at 8pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and consistently produce some of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world.

Here we present the latest SuperEnalotto lottery results.


The winning numbers of the SuperEnalotto, in ascending order, were:

SuperEnalotto Results: 01, 33, 41, 78, 83, 84, 72* (Jolly), 57* (Superstar)


Play SuperEnalotto is easy! Simply select six main numbers from a guess range of 1 to 90. There are five prize categories, and in order to win the jackpot, all six numbers of the regular guess set must match the winning number selection. The bonus number (Jolly Ball) is drawn from the same drum as the regular set and is counted towards the second prize of 5 + 1 only.


There are generally two different methods by which global players participate in the SuperEnalotto lottery. SuperEnalotto players can either buy SuperEnalotto tickets online and play alone, or they can choose to join a SuperEnalotto lottery syndicate and have everything from the ticket purchase through to the division of the winnings handled for them.


Many global lottery players choose to participate in the lottery alone and buy SuperEnalotto tickets online. Of course, the main advantage of this is the fact that if a player wins there is no need to share the money with anyone else! The player gets to keep all the winnings to themselves!

All draws are held at 8pm in Italy, but participants from all over the world can now buy Superenalotto tickets online.


The SuperEnalotto is Italy’s biggest lottery with a record jackpot of €177.8 million and if you play as part of a syndicate you could improve your chances of winning share of that prize!

Join our Superenalotto Syndicate and as an introductory offer, you will have the chance to share 85 entries on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for just £1*. After the first week the subscription will continue at the normal low cost of just £6 per week. (£2 per draw, 3 draws per week).

Select the Superenalotto syndicate you wish to play and then just sit back and relax! All your Superenalotto syndicate entries are electronically checked against the official results and should you be fortunate enough to win a prize, the money will be credited to your e-wallet. Each week you will be automatically entered into each Superenalotto draw which takes place 3 times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

You can enjoy all the benefits of playing in a SuperEnalotto syndicate which include:

1.) BEAT THE ODDS – boost your chance of scooping a share of the SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot
2.) EXTRA CASH PRIZES – when you win, you increase your individual syndicate member’s share
3.) SUPERB VALUE – share 85 SuperEnalotto entries for just 1 pound!
4.) CONVENIENCE – don’t forget to buy a SuperEnalotto ticket, play from the comfort of your armchair!
5.) PEACE OF MIND – a great track record for reliability and online security!

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