The Guardia Civil and Local Police in the Valencia town of Pedralba are baffled by a repeating occurrence of a spate of vehicle thefts in the area.

Although vehicle thefts are a common occurrence, the mystery surrounding this case is that in the last two months around a dozen vehicles have been stolen, all very similar in style and look, and all have been abandoned in the same location on the road between the towns of Chests and Pedralba.

Although terrorists group ETA have been known to target similar looking vans for their campaigns, it is not thought that this situation is related to terrorist activities, but is in connection with a gang of copper and cable thieves, as police have recovered some items of that description in vehicles located after their theft.

The police have also come close to catching those involved, but they have so far managed to escape on foot, through the fields in the vicinity of where the vehicles are left. On Monday of this week a routine patrol observed a van that matched the description of those being stolen driving along the infamous road. The patrol attempted to stop the van, but the occupants, who appeared to be Spanish, fled up an embankment and through orange groves on foot. The officers were able to recover a “large amount” of iron and copper of “unknown origin”. This is now the second close call for the thieves, following a similar near capture just last month.

As part of the investigation, the police are now visiting scrap metal dealers to try to find if anybody has tried to sell material matching the type recovered, and if anybody matches the descriptions of those seen fleeing. In the meantime, officers are no doubt on alert for the next appearance of the mystery machine in white, in the hope of catching those involved red-handed, and finally stopping the thieves from getting away with it any longer.

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