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When a Valencia motorist stopped to help the victims of a road traffic accident, he never expected that his day could get any worse, as the rug was pulled from under him in a case that would seem unreal, resulting in his demotion from hero to zero in one foul swoop.

As Torrevieja town hall launched a recent investigation as to why some of their local police officers were enforcing the law with some vigour, none of them could yet come close to the officer who arrived at the scene of the accident in Avila, which took place in June of last year, but is still the subject of a long, and so far failed appeal.

Having stabilised the injured parties from the crash, the next stage was to wait for an ambulance to arrive. With little more to do during the wait, the police officer set about issuing a parking ticket to a badly parked vehicle in the vicinity of the crash. However, that vehicle belonged to our hero in this story, who had witnessed the crash and immediately stopped to offer assistance.

Of course a simple explanation of the reason for parking in the location might be all that was needed, but not for our police officer in question, who simply continued to write and issue the ticket to our law breaking hero.

The driver was somewhat surprised, still trying to explain the circumstances behind his vehicle location, but still falling on the deaf ears of the law enforcing officer.

Finally, out of frustration, the driver took the ticket, but didn´t accept it, ripping it in to tiny pieces in front of the officer and throwing it to the floor.

The officer duly responded, by issuing a further ticket, a 150 euro fine for a municipal ordinance that prohibits the “emptying, pouring and depositing all kinds of waste materials both on the road and sidewalks”, in other words, a fine for littering.

In the appeals process, the claim has been declined by the auditors at the town hall, as, “irrespective of the circumstances”, because the “applicant acknowledges throwing the papers on the street in the appeal letter, committing the offense at the time”.

There was also a question about language, not of the foul mouthed type one might expect, but because the warnings were said to have been given in the Valencian language, rather than Castilian, despite the claimant being Spanish, a matter which is also dismissed as acceptable, unless specifically requested at the time.

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