Though many reports have bragged over the particularly dry spring, whilst basking on the beaches and enjoying the extended sunshine, warnings have been issued this week that the price of one of the provinces most sought after sweet treats, the famous Turrón, may rocket if it doesn´t rain in the next few weeks, as almond crops are at serious risk of being wiped out by the dry weather.

Last year, the price of almonds increased by 10%, due to poor crops in that season, but that cost was mostly absorbed by the distributors. With this added risk of a “disastrous” season, many businesses working in the field are concerned that the price of good crops will have to increase as their will be fewer almonds to go round and the price has to reflect at least a basic income to the providers.

Meanwhile, the largest association representing grain growers has issued a similar worrying report, stating that across the Valencia region, some 28,000 hectares of grain has been destroyed by the dry weather. The financial value for the farmers is in the region of 17 million euro losses, to which they are intending to apply for government aid, although the maximum possible to claim is 15,000 euro per farm.

It is anticipated that the price of almond crops will increase by an extra 6% on top of the 10% increase of last year, which will have to be added down to the consumer, the alternative being sourcing cheaper almonds from outside the area once rich with plantations of the much enjoyed ingredient.

However, that estimate is based on the hope that it does rain within the next three weeks, but if the effects of climate change continue, who knows what the future might hold for a global sweet industry with roots in the province of Alicante, let alone those farmers who work the land to provide some of the most basic ingredients that contribute to our everyday shopping basket.

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