Consumers in Spain spend more than 7 billion euro on tobacco products and more than 3 billion euro on alcohol each year, according to a new study by the EAE Business School.

Despite the country-wide smoking ban in certain areas, Spain is still in the top 5 countries of smokers, along with Greece, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Japan, with cigarette consumption actually increasing, as each smoker now uses 2,462 cigarettes (or equivalent) per year, an average of 6.75 packs or 123 cigarettes per day, a 4.46% increase on last year.

Extremadura, Madrid and Aragon are the areas where the biggest tobacco spenders are located, whereas the Canary Islands, Navarra and Catalonia yield the lowest expenditure.

In terms of alcohol, the report shows that the average cost last year was 684 euro per person, an increase of 1.30%, pitching the country around the middle in comparison terms with other countries.

Geographically, the Basque, Catalan and Balearic zones spend the most on alcohol, whereas those who spend less are located in Extremadura, The Canaries and Cantabria.

The average consumer profile of alcohol consumer in Spain is the man, 65 years or older and a graduate with a second and third stages, while the average profile of smoker in Spain is that of a woman, aged between 45 and 64, and with secondary education.

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