Spain´s pack-hunting fraternity has been dealt a sharp blow this week, after the Ministry of Employment has issued a helpful guide book explaining why they will now be forced to contribute to the Social Security system, an expense they previously enjoyed the privilege of being exempt.

The ministry explains in the leaflet that as their practice is often lucrative and of economic value, then there is a need for them to be treated like any other business operation, and so, those who earn a salary above the minimum wage on a yearly basis, currently 9,036 euro per year, must contribute to the system.

The seasonal or sporadic nature of their business has led to their previous exemption, whereas they would only be earning money for a short period of time, characteristics which, to date, “were not included in the Social Security system”, despite “meeting the conditions of economic regularity for profit” which requires anyone to register and contribute to the system.

Given the change in policy, the ministry has promised a process of “special monitoring” procedures for the hunting industry, in particular those who hunt with packs, in order to “establish a common criteria for application of the common law of Social Security in all provinces and autonomous regions”, in order to incorporate hunting activities for profit into the scheme.

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