In August, Catalonia was the top destination autonomous region with 2,411,942 tourists, 26.6% of the total and an increase of 7.5%.

Data released by FRONTUR, the Inbound Tourism Survey drafted by the General Sub-directorate of Tourism Information and Studies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, a record 45.5 million tourists have visited Spain so far this year, an increase of 3 million on the same period of last year.

In the period between January and August, the United Kingdom, Germany and France have been the most important markets. In relative terms, all autonomous regions posted year-on-year growth, withthe highest increases being recorded on the Canary Islands, up by 11.9%, and the Region of Madrid, an increase of 8.8%.

August broke all records with, for the first time ever in a single month, 9,070,024 inbound tourists visited the country in a single month, representing a year-on-year increase of 8.8% and a new all-time record in the FRONTUR figures.

In August, the United Kingdom maintained its position as top emitting market for tourists visiting Spain, with 2,136,879 tourists; France was second, with 1,981,643 tourists; and Germany was third, with 1,290,777 tourists. The United States (with an increase of 35.4%), Portugal (with an increase of 24.4%) and Italy (with an increase of 15.5%), were the emitting markets posting the highest growth rates.

Catalonia was the region visited by the highest number of tourists in August, with 2,411,942 tourists, an increase of 7.5%. This was followed by the Balearic Islands, with 2,193,677 visitors, up 6.2%, and Andalusia, with 1,186,226 tourists representing a 5.6% increase. Throughout August, the highest increases were recorded by the Region of Madrid, up by 19.1%, and the Canary Islands, up 12.4%.

The United Kingdom maintained its position as top emitting market in August, with 2,136,879 tourists representing an increase of 5.8%, and accounting for 23.6% of all inbound tourists. British tourists mostly travelled to the Balearic Islands and, to a lesser extent, the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Catalonia, the Region of Valencia and the Region of Madrid. The United Kingdom also holds the top spot in the figures on the period January-August, in which time 10,584,155 British tourists visited Spain, an increase of 5.6%.

Representing the second emitting market in the month, 1,981,643 French tourists visited Spain in August, accounting for 21.8% of the total, with an increase of 9.4%. French tourists mainly chose to visit Catalonia, but a significant number also visited the Region of Madrid, the Basque Country and Castile Leon. France accounted for 16.8% of all inbound tourists between January and August, with 7,633,543 tourists, with an increase of 10.4%.

Accounting for 14.2% of the total in August, 1,290,777 German tourists visited Spain, a significant increase of 11.8%. The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands were the most popular destinations for German tourists. 7,112,667 German tourists visited Spain between January and August, an increase of 7.5% and accounting for 15.7% of the total in the period.

In August, Catalonia was the top destination autonomous region with 2,411,942 tourists, 26.6% of the total and an increase of 7.5%. The majority of tourists visiting Catalonia came from France and Italy. Between January and August, 11,693,055 tourists visited Catalonia – accounting for 25.8% of the total and an increase of 6.1%.

As for Valencia, during the January to August period, a total of 4,414,201 inbound tourists visited the region, an increase of 5.1% and 9.7% of the total. In August alone, 919,142 tourists visited, accounting for 10.1% of the total and an increase of 8.1%.

The region’s top emitting markets were Germany, Portugal, France, Russia and Belgium. However, the top emitting market, the United Kingdom, actually posted a decline.

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