Row in Orihuela Costa Bar Results in Brit Arrest for Attempted Murder After Situation Escalates

A 63-year-old British man, with the initials S.A.M, is set to be charged with trying to kill a 54-year-old fellow Briton at his Orihuela Costa home on Sunday night after they had a row in a local bar.

Details are sparse short of the fact that Orihuela local police made an arrest at around 11.30 pm outside the 54-year-old’s home on Calle Cantabria, after heated words had been exchanged between the two British men earlier in the evening.

The police say that the 63-year-old wanted to pursue the matter further and assaulted the younger man in the street with an array of knives and a starting pistol amongst his weapons of choice. Authorities said that the victim suffered a stab-wound to his left collar bone and was taken to Torrevieja Hospital for emergency treatment, before being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

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